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A project success or failure is tightly link to a scientific management system. According to our continual exploration, searching and improvement, we summarized a suitable project management procedure. Detail  refer following chart.


Once a project be kicked off, our engineering team will review all files to judge if we get the complete information from customer. If files are not complete, our engineering team will give feedback to market team. And market team will make communication with customer till to get complete project files and finally files will be passed to project team. Our project team will make a mold making feasibility analysis accordance to those files from customer. We named it DFM. We shall tell customer if product design have some issues for mold design and mold processing. Once customer get those issues which we told, they will update product design accordance to their actual situation. At the situation of we got customers update files, we will repeat above analysis and till to 2 sides confirmed ok. And then our designer will start to make mold design accordance to final drawings. Once we finished mold design, we shall send design to customer for approval. Usually speaking, customer will add their requirements and thoughts into our mold design. We shall update mold design based on customer’s requirements and idea till to get customer’s approval. Our engineering team will request relative colleague in design Dept, tooling making Dept and in marketing to join an inner meeting to pass customer requirements. We shall analyze again mold design issues based on tooling making actual processing at the same time. After this engineering meeting, we shall make final adjustment for mold design to get final mold design according to those contents in engineering meeting. After that, under the instruction of final drawing, our designer will arrange mold making processing and release relative 2D drawings to relative processing Dept. In this period, project and market team will reply mold making schedule and lead time to customer.