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   Product Development, Mold design and relative engineering capability

   There are total 16 engineers in our engineering team. Most of them have over 10 years of experience working with the simplest of single components to the most complicated assemblies.

   Our designers not only have a product background but they also have a tooling background that enables us to create products that are already designed for manufacturing. Our simultaneous engineering approach takes into consideration the elements necessary to not only create your product but ensure that it can be tooled and molded in the most robust, cost effective manner. In engineering team, there are 5 engineers have product design background and 6 engineers are responsible for mold design. And other 5 engineers are responsible for CNC grogram, mold making following and assembly improvement. All of them are very familiar with auto CAD and UG software of 3D design.

   Under our supporting, make your design from a thought or a sketch to a fully realized product. Our engineering team will make sure that your product performs as you intended it to be and make sure all can be tooled and molded. And let all your idea comes true so that you can launch your products into the market!

   At JCU Engineering tea, we have experience designing, developing products, designing molds and molding service. Also have experience at assemblies in many different industries including, Automotive,  Consumer goods, Electronics, & Medical. Our team has multiple engineering capability to support your any project!

Trust us like we trust you! And make your all ideas come true!