Die Casting Mould

Die casting mould is for metal injection Zinc alloy, aluminum alloy and so on metal products.

Good and experienced design capability is very important for pressure casting mold and all this will make casting products with very good quality and a nice surface.

We made some casting products include wind wheel, outdoor light cover and motor cover in our factory. 

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  • This is a sample produced by a die-casting die for the surface cover of a weight tester that our company helps customers to process. This weight testing instrument cover is characterized by the customer's clear requirements on the appearance of the product. The whole appearance surface is completely processed by CNC. In addition, the surface needs to be painted. The processing procedures are very numerous and the requirements are very strict.

  • This is a sample produced by a zinc alloy bottom support base die-casting mold that our company helps customers to process. This zinc alloy bottom support is characterized by its overall requirement for chrome plating, high requirements for product appearance and polishing of zinc alloy product surface.

  • This is a sample produced by the mould of a lampshade for outdoor lighting, which our company helps customers to process. The outdoor light cover material is aluminum alloy A380. This outdoor light cover is characterized by very large product size, very complex product structure, very large product gap and very difficult filling.

  • This is a equipment component sample produced by a die-casting die of an aluminum alloy machine part that our company helps customers process. The die of this equipment component requires export. The die structure is very complex, the glue inlet position is very special, and the design and processing are very difficult.

  • These are zinc alloy connector samples of a die-casting die manufactured by our company to help customers process. The characteristics of these products are that the appearance of the product requires nickel plating, the die structure of the product is complex, and the dimensional accuracy is very high. But through the efforts of all the staff of our company, all the problems were overcome one by one, and the mold production was smooth......

  • This is a sample produced by a die-casting die of a stereo middle frame processed by our company. The appearance of this product is very high, no cold marks, no shrinkage marks, no ejector pin marks. The surface of the product needs polishing and chrome plating......

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