Injection Mold

Injection mold is a tool used for mass production for all kinds of plastic parts.

Different requirements for the part structure, dimension , surface need different construction of injection molds.

From standard size to very big mold, we can handle them well.

Sometimes, if the part is quite big, and quantity is very large, hot runner will be needed in injection mold.

Injection mold mainly combined from cavity&core, mold base and mold components ( ejector pin, sleeve, slider, inserts etc.)

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  • This is a sample produced by the mould of a medical storage box that our company helps customers to process. This storage box is characterized by very high requirements on appearance and material quality of medical food products. The mould was produced smoothly, and the appearance of the sample exceeded the customer's requirements very much.

  • The disposable sterilized syringe produced by multi cavities injection mold. The part material is PP. The tech issue for sterilized syringe kind of part: High Precision, multi cavities, special hot runner design. We solved all of the technical issue and customer satisfied with our samples.

  • Blood testing instrument produced by family injection mold. The blood testing instrument part material is PP. The tech issue for this kind of part: High precision, water sealing, family mold. We solved all of the technical issue and customer satisfied with our samples.

  • This is the sample produced by the mold of medical transparent cover that our company helped the customer process. The feature of this medical transparent cover is that the product has undercut inside, and the transparent product has very high requirements on the appearance.

  • This is the sample produced by the mold of an LED lamp shade that our company helps the customer process. The LED lamp shade has high requirements on the refraction and scattering Angle of light. Our company adopts special processing technology, which not only ensures the precision of the product but also ensures the transparency of the surface to meet the customer's requirements.

  • This is a sample produced by a LED lamp cover mold which we processed for our customer. Chimney have high request for light transmittance, but the feature of LED lamp cover on the back is very small, the machining accuracy requirement is very high, our company has adopted a series of special processing technology.

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