Others Mold

Others mold includes rapid mold,silicon compression mold,stamping mold etcs.

Prototype mold is for very small quantity product especially for those products to test function.So we named it quick mold,rapid tooling or low quantity mold.

Compression rubber and silicon mold is a good choice to make gasket,O ring products.

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  • This is a sample produced by a mold of vertical injection molding with hardware inserts part, which our company helps customers process. The product features that the product is injection molded by vertical injection molding machine, which avoids the instability of hot melt inserts, improves the quality of the product......

  • This is a sample produced by a turbofan mold that our company helps customers to process. This product is characterized by very complex mold structure, high fiber content materials, and very difficult mold processing and injection filling. However, through the efforts of all employees of our company, all the problems were overcome one by one, and the mold production went smoothly. Once the sample was sent to the customer......

  • This is a sample produced by the mold of a TPE soft material parts adhesive product that our company helps customers process. The TPE Soft material parts is characterized by the use of 60 degree TPE soft adhesive throughout the product. The key point of the product is the cold material mark at the gate, which will lead to poor appearance of the product......

  • This silicone parts is the sample produced by the molds of two silica gel products that our company helps customers process. Orange products are transparent silica gel and sky blue products are ordinary silica gel.

  • This is a sample produced by the mould of a PBT motor container that our company helps customers to process. The material of this product is PBT+30GF, which is characterized by very high fiber content. The PBT motor container mould must be kept at high temperature and constant temperature during injection. Otherwise, the mould cannot be demoulded due to the increase of friction coefficient on the surface of the product.

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