injection molded parts

JINCHI UNITE MOLD (JCU MOLD) is a professional mold design, mold making, die casting mould and injection molding industrial limited company. We provide high efficiency and flexible solution for different lines customers from all over the world.JCU MOLD is skillful at products design, mold design, mold making, injection molding, die casting mould etc. relative services. Our main market is in Europe, North America and Australia etc. developing countries at present.
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  • This is a sample produced by a weight meter mold that our company helps customers process. This weighing machine front cover is characterized by very large product size, high light appearance, uneven wall thickness, easy shrinkage marks, and very difficult injection molding machine adjustment.

The JCU MOLD is a injection molded parts first class innovation design manufactur and supplier in China, Welcome to our factory buy discount injection molded parts,our factory has professional technical team to provide customers with high-quality customized services and low price quotation and free sample.