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This is a TP-LINK cover sample produced by the mould of a household router that our company helps customers to process. The characteristic of this product is that due to the heat dissipation of the TP-LINK cover, there are a lot of punch-through and scratch-through structures on the mould, which makes flying the mould very difficult.

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Product Description

This is a TP-LINK cover sample produced by injection mould that our company helps customers to process. Very strict appearance requirements. There are a lot of kiss off structures on the mould which makes fitting mould very difficult. In order to ensure the mould life, Core steel adopts hardening and surface nitriding treatment.  Besides, because of a large number of holes, welding lines are easy to appear during injection molding, and it is very difficult to adjust the injection machine parameter. However, through the efforts of all employees of our company, all the problems have been overcome one by one, and the mold production is smooth.  Once the sample was sent to the customer, it passed the performance testing very quickly and won great praise from the customer.

Brief Introduction: 

TP-LINK cover molded by injection mold

Part Material:


Part Size:  


Dimensional Tolerance: 

Overall dimension ≤ ±0.1mm    local size ≤ ±0.02mm

Technical Issue:      

very high appearance requirements, no weld lines no injection marks no flashes. High precision size requirements. A lot of small kiss off holes in the mould.

Our Capability:  

CNC machining
High speed CNC machining
EDM machining
Charmill EDM machining
Sodick LS-WEDM machining
Wire Cutting EDM machining
MT Texture/VDI3400 Texture/Yixin Texture
CMM(Coordinates Measuring Machine) measure
OMM(Optical Measuring Machine) measure
Robotic manipulator pick out products
Adjust the product color according to the RAL or Pantone color card

    Plant equipment

    Processing flow char

    Design brief flow chart

    Flow chart


How about the mold cost in JCU MOLD?

We have professional quotation engineers to evaluate the cost. Generally speaking, our mold cost is very competitive compare the same industrial line business. Only one inquiry you will find out the truth. 

Are there limitations to JCU Mold Injection Mold processes?

Generally speaking, No. Our processing is running to total weight 10 tons molds with 2meters length.Complicated and high precision molds are the important parts of our services.

How soon can I get my quote back?

You will get the quotation within 2 working days. The quote is valid for 30 days. The quote will include comments if any aspect of the model is not suitable for injection molding.

What’s the modification cost once T1 failure?

Generally speaking, once T1 run, we’ll analyze T1 all issues. If we made mistakes at mold making, JCU will bear the modification cost. But if customer needs to change design and require modify mold, customer will bear the cost.

What type of CAD files do you accept?

For quotation, we can accept drawings, models or drawing images created in any commercial program. For mold design, we accept models created by any commercial CAD program that is widely used in the world. Detail as bellow:

2D file format: DXF,DWG,PDF

3D file format:PRT,STP,IGS

Do you handle production service after mold made?

Yes. Our integrated services cover injection molding service, recurring orders, high volume production, contract manufacturing and assembly or sub-assembly services.

What is JCU Mold’s terms and conditions?

For molds, a purchase order accompanied by a down payment of 50%.Remaining 50% to be paid upon sample approval. For production parts, 50% as deposit. Balance 50% to be paid upon before the shipment.

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