Cubierta de luz1

Cubierta de luz1

Brief Introduction: LED LAMP COVE Made by plastic injection mold

Part Material: PMMA Clear

Part Size: Ф160x35mm

Dimensional Tolerance:  overall dimension ≤ ±0.2mm    local size ≤ ±0.05mm

Technical Issue:  high Light transmitting, complicated structure, high precision, tight tolerance and difficult molding filled. 

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Product Description
This is a sample produced by a LED lamp mold which we processed for our customer. Chimney have high request for light transmittance, but the feature of products on the back is very small, the machining accuracy requirement is very high, our company has adopted a series of special processing technology. Finally we not only ensure the precision of the products and ensure the pervious to light performance on the surface of the sample. We sent samples to customer, samples quickly through the testing and we gain great praise from customers.
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