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hat constitutes an injection mold molded part?


A closed cavity that is in contact with the plastic melt and can accommodate the plastic melt. During injection molding, the mold cavity will receive the plastic melt injected by the injection machine, and solidify the plastic melt into a plastic product.

1. Molded parts: all mold parts that constitute the injection mold cavity.

Such as: die, punch, core, etc.

Second, the conditions of use of injection mold parts:

1. Under certain temperature and pressure;

2. Withstand the impact and friction of plastic melt.

Because after long-term work, injection mold parts are prone to wear, deformation and breakage.

Therefore, when designing an injection mold, it is necessary to comprehensively consider various factors such as the structural characteristics of plastic products, production batches and use requirements, as well as the service life of the mold and other issues, to reasonably design the structural form of the injection mold parts, and accurately calculate their dimensions and tolerances, and ensure that they have sufficient strength, stiffness and good surface quality.