Disposable Sterilized Syringe

Disposable Sterilized Syringe

Brief Introduction: Disposable sterile injector produced by multi cavities injection mold. 

Part Material: PP

Part Size: Ф25x100mm

Dimensional Tolerance:  overall dimension ≤ ±0.1mm    local size ≤ ±0.02mm

Technical Issue: High Precision, multi cavities, special hot runner design. 

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Product Description

Our Capability:          

CNC machining

High speed CNC machining

EDM machining

Charmill EDM machining

Sodick LS-WEDM machining

Wire Cutting EDM machining

MT Texture/VDI3400 Texture/Yixin Texture

CMM(Coordinates Measuring Machine) measure

OMM(Optical Measuring Machine) measure

Robotic manipulator pick out products

Adjust the product color according to the RAL or Pantone color card

These samples produced by the mold of a disposable sterile syringe that our company helps customers to process. The feature of this product is that its appearance is very demanding. There are a lot of cavities in the mold, hot runner feeding, and the internal dimension accuracy is very high. The product materials shall be medical food products. Mold production is smooth, the 

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